Virtual “Live” Salon Receptionist Services

As a salon owner, you face unique challenges in managing your salon. These pain points can impact the efficiency and success of your business. This is where Salon Receptionist comes in.

Are you experiencing any of the following?

Appointment Scheduling Woes

Client Communication Challenges

Administrative Overload

Time Management Struggles


Round the Clock Support

Handle customer inquiries, manage appointments, and provide support during evenings, weekends, and holidays, ensuring that your business do not miss any opportunities and can provide seamless customer service 24/7.

Cost Effective – only $8/hour

Traditional Salon Receptionists cost around $2400-$3200 a month. Why pay this much when you can hire a virtual “live” assistant for only $8/hour for 40 reliable hours a week or around $1000 a month.

Weekly, Monthly Reports

Revenue goals, appointment trackers, sales report, team performance, cancellation rates, bookings made that day/week are just some of them.

Flexibility & Scalability

Your business can easily adjust the number of virtual “live” receptionists you have on board or the hours they work, depending on your current needs. This scalability allows your salon and spa business to efficiently manage your front desk coverage, ensuring you have the right level of support at all times, without any unnecessary overhead costs.

Salon Owners

Salon Owner Subscription Tiers: $8 an hour

Booth Renters

Virtual “LIVE” Receptionist Subscription Fee: $10

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the receptionist sound like?
Beautiful English accents and generous women. They cater to your receptionist needs and do admin.
How much does it cost to start?

It is a registration fee of $275 to start. This takes care of onboarding, hiring and training for your business needs. After that it is $8 an hour for as many hours as you need with a subscription tier of $20, $50, $90 a month for phone trackers to increase your ROI and KPI.

What are you subscription tiers?

We have 3 subscription tiers.

Tier 1: Lead Tracking, Daily Summary, and New Clients Trackers.

Tier 2: Lead Tracking, Daily summary, New Clients, Stylist Review, and Stylist Leave.

Tier 3: Sales Tracker, Staff Performance, Lead Tracker, New Clients, Complaints, Stylist Leave, Daily Summary, Stylist’s Reviews, Products, and Inventory.

Can I have my own voicemail for my business?
Yes or we can have one scripted for you.
How can I keep my number?
There are a couple of options- We can forward your number or you can have a new number of your choice. We work with you.
How does a "live" virtual salon receptionist work?

Just like your normal receptionist but they are virtual, you can text them at anytime for your salon needs and your team can text them as well.

For example, if you are running behind on a client, you would text your receptionist and she would take care of your whole schedule. This way, you are not handling the many text that come after that. You can take care of what you do best!

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