Ditch the front desk and optimize your business

Virtual “Live”

Salon Receptionist

Experience the New Era of Salon Receptionist:

Modern, Efficient, Client-Focused

Streamline Your Operations
From scheduling and client communication to administrative duties, we excel in time management and professionally represent your brand.
Enhanced Customer Service

Our team promptly addresses client inquiries, offers detailed information on services, promotions, and pricing, and tailors recommendations based on individual client needs.

Appointment Management
Trust us with the intricacies of appointment coordination—be it scheduling, cancellations, or adjustments. We keep your salon’s calendar seamlessly organized and primed for success.

Created by a Salon Owner

“Like many I struggled and needed an efficient system to help put ease into my life. I created “Salon Receptionist” because I knew the extent of running a salon business, keeping costs low and creating accountability with a trusted team.”

How It Works

1. Initial Consultation: Discuss your needs with our expert team.
2. Customized Planning: We create a package tailored specifically to your business requirements.
3. Finalize & Onboard: Complete agreements and begin the onboarding process.


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Benefits of having a

Virtual “Live”

Salon Receptionist

Virtual “live” receptionists are trained professionals who handle customer inquiries, manage appointments, and perform other front desk tasks remotely.

Round the Clock Support

Handle customer inquiries, manage appointments, and provide support during evenings, weekends, and holidays, ensuring that your business do not miss any opportunities and can provide seamless customer service 24/7.

Cost Effective – only $8/hour

Traditional Salon Receptionists cost around $2400-$3200 a month. Why pay this much when you can hire a virtual “live” receptionist for only $8/hour for 40 reliable hours a week or around $1000 a month.

Weekly, Monthly Reports

Revenue goals, appointment trackers, sales report, team performance, cancellation rates, bookings made that day/week are just some of them.

Flexibility & Scalability

Your business can easily adjust the number of virtual “live” receptionists you have on board or the hours they work, depending on your current needs. This scalability allows your salon and spa business to efficiently manage your front desk coverage, ensuring you have the right level of support at all times, without any unnecessary overhead costs.

Salon Owners

$275 Registration Fee includes onboarding of receptionists, hiring and training.

$8 Hourly Rate for Receptionist

Salon Owner Subscription Tiers:

Booth Renters

Virtual “LIVE” Receptionist Subscription Fee: $10

We do the heavy-lifting so you can focus on your business

Doing everything yourself can be stressful, let us create an easier system so you can focus on what matters.


“Salon Receptionist changed my life because it was a call center I can count on who was dedicated to seeing my business grow.”

– Misty, California



“The weight of missed calls and scheduling chaos was heavy until SalonReceptionist.com came along. It’s not just a platform; it’s peace of mind for a young salon owner like me.”

 -Kimberly, Texas



“The administrative challenges of my salon left me exhausted. That’s when I stumbled upon SalonReceptionist.com. The virtual “live” receptionist feature felt like a breath of fresh air, allowing me to focus on my clients and my craft without the constant stress of backend management.”

 -Jordan, New York



“I’m a new nail salon owner and balancing creativity and bookings together was tough. Salon Receptionist has been a game-changer, allowing me to shine where I do best while they handle the rest.”

-Ashley, Florida


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